A noble eighteenth-century villa in the middle of nature.

The villa is also known as “Pavaglione” appearing today in its late nineteenth-century architecture, was built after the mid-eighteenth century by a noble from Tuscany: Lord Gaetano Fava as a summer residence for his family.

The Fava family, had already moved to Venice at the end of the fourteenth century, and began to buy land during the seventeenth century in Megliadino from the Giusti Counts family del Giardino di Padua.

The current appearance of the villa is the work of Niccolò family4. Its restoration gave the Villa a particular characteristic: the facade facing the main road, as well as frescoes and niches with statues, were covered with sharp stones that give an original touch thus recalling Tuscan castles.

The ideal holiday, in contact with history and nature


At Villa Fava pets are allowed and welcome!
We love animals and we know that your holidays can never be real holidays without your pet!


You can easily park your car or motorbike in the parking inside the Villa, of course for free!


For those who can not give up on the web ... we can find free wifi in all areas of the house and in all rooms.


«Get a book, leave another» is the philosophy of the book exchange service. Anyone can borrow a book leaving in return one that will be usable by other guests.